Emma Stone's Panic Attack Confession

She's riding high with the success of The Amazing Spider-man but there was a time when Emma Stone couldn't even leave her mother's side because of anxiety
Tuesday , 10 July 2012
Emma Stone's Panic Attack Confession
We don't see why Emma needs to be nervous anymore!

hard to believe America’s
latest sweetheart, Emma Stone, suffers from low self-esteem. T'Town's new It girl seems
to have it all, from a red hot acting career to a hunky Hollywood
boyfriend to an enviable red carpet wardrobe. But she claims that she used to
suffer from crippling panic attacks. The
star of this summer’s hottest blockbuster, The
Amazing Spider-man
, and co-star Andrew Garfield’s squeeze, says she
used acting to conquer her childhood fears.

Emma used to be so shy that she couldn't leave her mother’s side, until
embracing the arts after being cast in a school play at the age of six.

The star recently told Bliss magazine, "It
hit me really hard. It freaked me out and I couldn’t leave my mom’s side, but
then I remembered how good it felt to be on stage. I met other people like me,
who liked the same things I liked. It became this place where I could be myself
and express myself."

Emma claims that she still suffers bouts of anxiety in her new life on the silver
screen but with a career that’s heating up hotter than a Dubai summer, hopefully her fears are gone
for good.

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