Emma Stone Battles Illness to Perform on Broadway

Actress prescribed steroids to combat sore throat
ByClaire GlasbyWednesday , 17 December 2014
Emma Stone Battles Illness to Perform on Broadway
Emma Stone

Actress Emma Stone has been pumped up with steroids to allow her to perform in Broadway's Cabaret eight times a week after straining her voice onstage.

The Amazing Spider-Man star took over the role of Sally Bowles from fellow Hollywood actress Michelle Williams last month, but Stone admits she had no idea how tough it would be to belt out every song night after night - especially her character's title track during the finale.

Her vocals have suffered as a result and now Stone has been placed on steroid medication to help her sing through the pain.

She explains, "For some reason I think that the last song should be sung like Kurt Cobain or something and so I've just been screaming it, and you can't do that eight times a week, so I'm learning that.

"Because I'm singing that song... I was screaming it, so my vocal cords went crazy so they (doctors) gave me a shot of steroids..."

Stone admits the medicine is playing havoc on her stomach.

She tells U.S. talk show host David Letterman, "It makes you so hungry but my stomach also hurts terribly... I'm cramping. (But) my voice is really hanging in there!" 

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