Nerve New York Premiere

Emma Roberts and Dave Franco Hilariously Pranked Reporters

13 Jul 2016

The Scream Queens actress and Now You See Me star freaked out some innocent journalists

Emma Roberts and Dave Franco teamed up with YouTuber, Casey Neistat to pull off the ultimate prank, while promoting their up-coming movie, Nerve.

Emma and Dave both received ear pieces to hear the YouTuber and directors of the movie dictate their answers and actions throughout the interview, while poor reporters were left baffled by their responses.

Emma was briefed to say “Yeah, that feels good,” throughout, while Dave’s catchphrase was “Yeah, that’s the stuff”. The real fun started when Roberts had to grab a drink can and say “Mommy needs a drink” and then Franco had to take it and say “Daddy needs a drink too”.

Other bizarre moments included Dave barking like a dog while pointing to himself and the point where Emma was directed to yell at a reporter!

The entire interaction was captured on multiple screens and when the interview was over, the stars went back to the room to eavesdrop on what the journalists had to say. They described it as a “unique” experience while laughing. Dave and Emma fell about in fits and we couldn’t resist a giggle either!