Emirati man holds plank for 90 minutes

Emirati man holds plank for 90 minutes

01 Nov 2017

Impressive stuff

When somebody says the word "planking" to us we immediately think of the Internet viral movement where peoeple lay face down on crazy monuments. Celebs even did it on the red carpet. Easy, funny and no sweat necessary. Which is why the news that a man doing an actual fitness plank for an hour and a half has floored us.

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Fitness Bootcamp Dubai recently launched a new fitness challenge called Plank Challenge. The event took place on Kite Beach and Core Fit Studio in Dubai and saw not one but two men hold the super tough single fitness movement for over an hour. Seriously. We can't even manage 15 minutes without belly flopping to the floor. 

The Dubai Fitness Challenge is inspiring so many people

The winner of the challenge is Ali Khalfan who hit the record of a jaw-dropping 1 hour 29 minutes 30 seconds. A little below an actual hour and a half but, hey, we'll let him off. Well done, Ali!

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People all around Dubai are getting involved in fitness thanks to the brilliant Dubai Fitness Challenge. With so many events and challenges happening around town over the next few weeks, you'd be mad not to do some.

The Plank Challenge lasted for an entire week in different locations in Dubai. Did you join in? How long did YOU manage to hold your plank?