Emirates Scrap Airbus A350 Deal

French based manufacturer suffers order loss of Dhs58.7 billion
ByAhlan! Live ReporterThursday , 12 June 2014
Emirates Scrap Airbus A350 Deal
Emirates cancels huge Airbus order

Emirates airline have scrapped their deal for Airbus A350 planes valued at Dhs58.7 billion ($16 billion). The turn in events has desperately hurt Airbus and it's engine maker, Rolls-Royce in their attempt to break American Boeing’s dominance in the aviation market.

Emirates' dropped order, placed in 2007 for 2019 delivery, for all 70 of the Airbus aeroplanes, caused the airline manufacturers to drop 4.3% in the stock market today. “The A350 is a good aircraft, it’s a clean ship, it’s cutting edge, but I don’t think the delivery schedule of the A350 fits in line with Emirates’ growth capabilities at this moment,” said the Gulf-based airline.

Airbus had reportedly spent about Dhs60 billion and invested eight years expertise in the A350's development, a plane that was set to rival Boeing's Dreamliner and 777, but Airbus shouldn’t lick its wounds just yet. Emirates purchased 50 more Airbus A380’s at the recent Dubai Air Show– the largest commercial airliner in the world, capable of holding up to 853 passengers and 21 cabin crew - bringing their total fleet of the super-jumbo-jets to 140.  It just looks like Emirates is going bigger in its attempt to jet ahead of the rest of the world’s airlines.  

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