Emirates wins the best April Fools' prank in Dubai

01 Apr 2019

The airline claimed to be launching private drones in DXB...and we wish it was true

A round of applause for Emirates Airline please, for almost tricking us into thinking they really were launching a fleet of chauffeur-less drones that would whisk passengers between any location in Dubai to the carrier’s hub at DXB.

But don't be fooled - it's all a crafty prank for April Fools' Day - which is today, FYI.

In a Tweet, the airline insisted that starting in April 2020, each drone will feature two fully-enclosed First Class private suites. The statement added: "Our new drone airport transfer service will be offered to all Emirates Skywards Platinum members. #FlyEmiratesFlyBetter".

Jokes aside, launching private drones isn't a bad idea - and perhaps in the future Emirates actually will bring out taxi drones. Here's hoping.