Emirates Plans for Free Wi-Fi Across All Flights

Airline will enable you to work in the cloud on any journey, quite literally
ByNathalie ViranyiWednesday , 05 November 2014
Emirates Plans for Free Wi-Fi Across All Flights

Checking the latest social happenings on Facebook, replying to emails or getting cloud work done while travelling is not only super convenient, it also makes any flight go by in no time.

Currently, Wi-Fi is available on all of Emirates A380 and Boeing 777 carriers, with the first 10MBs of data usage offered free of charge and a $1 charge for the next 600MB.
The airline has now announced plans to offer free onboard Wi-Fi on all flights within the Emirates network across six continents, and what's even better – they are planning to offer it as a complimentary service to passengers!

Emirates president Tim Clark says, "It is a fact that our customers want onboard connectivity, and this demand is only going to increase as more people embrace an 'always-on' digital lifestyle, and carry smart mobile devices when they travel. We've always viewed Wi-Fi as a service and a value-added part of Emirates' overall product, rather than a revenue stream."

The airline would offer in-flight Wi-Fi across the board immediately if possible, but a few technical limitations need to be overcome first, "If we can offer good quality Wi-Fi connections for everyone on board at no charge tomorrow, we will do it. But we face a slew of technical limitations – from speed and bandwidth availability and cost, to the supporting hardware and software – all of which we are working hard to address with the industry right now. Ultimately, we believe that on board Wi-Fi will become a free service, and a standard that customers will expect on a full service airline, just like on board refreshments and personal inflight entertainment. Emirates is leading the way on this, and we are working closely with our suppliers and various stakeholders towards this vision," Tim Clark added.

The thought of a 14-hour flight seems a lot less horrendous if you can WhatsApp right through it, right?

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