Emirates is spending A LOT of money on Jennifer Aniston

Find out how much the airline is splashing out on the A-list actress
ByAndre NevelingSunday , 06 September 2015
Emirates is spending A LOT of money on Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston is the new face of Emirates Airline

Hiring a Hollywood star as your ambassador doesn’t come cheap, and Jennifer Aniston is no exception.

Emirates Airline is expected to spend a whopping $20million (over Dhs73million) on a global TV advertising campaign featuring Jen. Boutros Boutros, divisional senior vice president of corporate communications at Emirates, told Gulf News that approximately $20million will be spent to air the advert on TV stations around the world.

“We are scheduled to start running it in October,” Boutros said. “When we see something fit in with our brand and it’s needed, we do it,” he added. “We had a nice script, and she fit into it, it’s written for her. It’s a beautiful ad, I saw the first cut, [and] I love it.”

Despite Jen being paid a small fortune to represent the airline, she will only appear in TV ads and will not feature in any print adverts. Rumour has it she received $5million (over Dhs18million) for the deal. Wowzers!

We can’t wait to see the adverts. We hope that massive payment included some visits to Dubai, too.  

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