Airports are gearing up for a busy weekend and have issued a warning

An insane amount of passengers are expected to travel over the weekend
ByMariam Maroof Wednesday , 07 August 2019
Airports are gearing up for a busy weekend and have issued a warning

Eid Al Adha is just around the corner and so is the long weekend. This means people are heading out to celebrate Eid with their loved ones or to enjoy a sneaky little vacay. Either way, the airport’s going to be flooded with people and so Emirates Airline has a very important announcement for you.

Emirates is advising its passengers to arrive at least three hours before their flight to Dubai International Airport. Peak travel begins on the evening of Thursday, August 8th and will continue till Saturday, August 10th, during this period a total of 372,000 passengers are expected to travel. A total of 100,000 passengers are scheduled to fly on Friday alone, making it the busiest day of travel.

You can save time on the day of your flight by checking in up to 24 hours in advance or can take advantage of Emirates’ Home Check-in Service that is available to passengers travelling from all classes and allows them a complete security check plus check-in before the leave for the airport. You can book the service up to 12 hours before your flight.

Alternate check in methods aside, passengers are expected to check in no later than two hours before their flight and if you plan on checking in anywhere less than an hour in advance, get ready to miss your flight.

Once checked-in, passengers must be quick to get to their gates as well. Gates will open 90 minutes before departure, boarding begins 45 minutes before your flight and will close 20 minutes before departure.

Emirates has ensured that they will be strictly following the check-in and gate closure timings so no flights are delayed.

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