These UAE flights are officially the comfiest in the sky

19 Jun 2019

luxury, comfort and privacy - Emirates and Etihad have got you covered

Emirates and Eithad Airlines have made it to the first ever annual awards from Fodor's Travel and they were there to win! When it comes to luxury, comfort, and privacy, both airlines were able to lead the way and take home the prize. Congrats!

Emirates won first place for the Best International Airline to celebrate it's comfy cabins that are offered across every class. Fodor's wrote on its website, "Whether you’re in coach, lie-flat business class beds, or a private suite in its first-class cabin, Emirates offers one of the comfiest flights in the sky," Impressive.  

When it came to luxury, Etihad Airways won the Best Airline for Blowing your Budget Award. Fodor's describes that the airline is "the most luxurious experience you can have in the sky." It's a no brainer that the airline's in-sky service, three-room personal suites and impressive VIP lounge was a reason for its glorious win. 

Emirates was a runner up to Etihad for the Blowing your Budget Award with it's fancy menus and first class bar. 

A round of applause for UAE's airlines. Anyone fancy a vacation after all this talk of flights?