You Can't Use This Phone During Emirates Flights!

You Can't Use This Phone During Emirates Flights!

14 Sep 2016

The handsets are already being recalled by the manufacturer

After news about Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 catching fire, Emirates Airline has announced that passengers are not allowed to turn on or charge the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone if they have one.

“As advised by the General Civil Aviation Authority, Emirates Airline can confirm that with immediate effect it will advise customers not to turn on or charge their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones during flights or show them in checked baggage due to concerns over the phone’s fire-prone batteries,” said a spokesman.

This announcement was made after there was reports of the batteries exploring in the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices . Samsung is replacing all Note 7 devices worldwide after over 30 incidents were reported of phones catching on fire.

Worrying stuff, indeed!