Eminem Sets a New Guinness World Record

09 Sep 2014

Rapper wins the title for most words in a single song

Throughout his successful and long career, Eminem has collected many awards, from VMAs to Grammys, but now he can add a new award to his belt, as the Guiness Book of World Records has officially confirmed that the rapper has created a track with the most words ever in a song.

The Guinness Word Record was set by his 2013 hit Rap God which contains a massive 1,560 words in just under six minutes and 4 seconds! When broken down, it calculates at at an impressive average of 4.3 words a second, not including a 15 second passage half way through the track, in which our favorite rapper manages a staggering 6.5 words a second.

The award means the Loose Yourself rapper now enters the 60th Anniversary of the world renowned record book, joining the British heartthrobs One Direction, who have become the first act to have three albums in a row debut atop of the U.S. Billboard 200 charts.

Other stars that have broken records in the book, include twerking sensation Miley Cyrus, who is named as the most searched popstar on the internet and pop princess Katy Perry, who took home the award for the most followed person on Twitter.