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Emily Blunt Does Not Want to be Liked

04 Oct 2016

The star reveals her movie role preferences

Emily Blunt reportedly prefers to play characters who are not considered to be “likeable”. The Girl on the Train star relished the opportunity to play a complicated character and revealed finding a role like Rachel Watson in the new movie was rare in today’s Hollywood.

“There’s this façade, because we want women to be likeable – my least favourite word in Hollywood right now,” said Emily. “Actually, I want to play people who are less about being likeable, more about being credible.”

“It can truly just be about the internal understanding of the character, as opposed to trying to keep a peripheral awareness of how you might be looking,” she added.

The mother-of-two slammed scripts that describe characters based solely on their appearance, without any reference to what lies beneath.

“The script will say ‘She’s blonde and vivacious and very attractive.’ And I’m like, ‘Cool. What’s she like?’ That always irritates me,” Emily grimaced.

In comparison, the actress explained that a leading man “gets a rather insightful introduction as to his deeper being” in his script.

Reports of discrimination in Hollywood have surfaced recently, with stars like Emma Watson campaigning for issues such as equal pay for actors and actresses.

We’re fully behind Emily’s wise words!