Elnaz Golrokh

The Iranian make-up artist and blogger sharing the secrets to her success
Monday , 03 April 2017
Elnaz Golrokh
Elnaz Golrokh
  • I'm a professional make-up artist and have specialised mainly in bridal make-up for more than 13 years. In addition, I'm a fashion blogger as I believe if we have something in our hands, it's better to share. As they say, sharing is caring. I always post information, advice and suggestions to all my followers, sharing what I know.

  • I can certainly say that the last year was outstanding for my career and social life. I was involved in make-up masterclasses run by the Dubai Shopping Festival and worked with some well-known brands including Lilly Lashes, Make Up For Ever, Clinique, Marc Jacobs and Urban Decay, and I was selected to work with ITP Live as one of their key influencers. 

  • I always try to use a different approach for any given task, even if it’s something completely new and unfamiliar. I study extensively and try to find background information to use in my tool box to relate to new tasks. Determination, persistence and being relentless are the keys to achievement, as well as not worrying about potential failure. 

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