Ellen DeGeneres Sends her Entire Audience to Dubai

She is so generous, isn't she?!
ByLucile HelwaniWednesday , 25 May 2016
Ellen DeGeneres Sends her Entire Audience to Dubai
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Generous DeGeneres: Ellen offered a free trip to Dubai

Famous American TV host Ellen DeGeneres offered a trip to Dubai to her public, during a quiz game called 'Hello Dubai'. To win, participants had to answer simple questions like "How many days are there in a week?" and "What show are we shooting?". Then, the winner had to choose a number between one and five in order to win the trip to Dubai. She selected the lucky digit and the entire audience won!

This huge giveaway was in association with the Emirates campaign 'The Big Take Off', which was launched to encourage Americans to use their holiday days. “This is a strategic campaign for Emirates this summer travel season, which is based on an insight that Americans do not take advantage of all of their vacation days,” stated the Emirates senior vice president of commercial operations, Rob Gurney.

It's not the first time that Ellen has given away free trips to the UAE. Last year, for the release of Fast & Furious 7 she offered a trip to Abu Dhabi. “I flew Emirates to Dubai and Cape Town and it was the most amazing experience. You're going to absolutely love it,” she said. Well, Ellen we can't wait to have you back here!


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