Elle with one of her sons on the back of her bike.

Elle Of Blunder

17 Sep 2008
By Ahlanlive.com

Supermodel blasted for putting son in danger on her bike

Supermodel ELLE MacPHERSON has come under fire in the UK for cycling with her young son perched on the handlebars.

Elle was snapped propping son, Aurelius CY, five, on to her bike and pedalling through London while also clutching onto a black bag.

The model-turned-actress is often spotted cycling in the city but usually has her children strapped in, on the back of her bike.

But on this occasion 'The Body' seems to have rubbed people up the worng way, especially the Royal Prevention of Accidents, who claim MacPherson's behaviour was irresponsible.

A spokesman says, "It is both illegal and dangerous to carry more than one person on a bike that's not designed for it. There are issues with balance and it is easy to fall off."

A spokesman for Elle was unavailable for comment. (LJ//LR)


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