Eljammi Gozalli

The beauty guru attracting some of the biggest names in the business
Tuesday , 04 April 2017
Eljammi Gozalli
Eljammi Gozalli
  •  In 2016, I launched my own e-commerce store for make-up, beautybyeeljammi.com, bringing women’s brands that weren’t previously available here in the Middle East, and this has now grown to be one of the biggest online make-up shops in the UAE. 

  • My make-up and hair tutorials have scored numerous mentions on big social media pages, including Huda Beauty and Anastasia Beverley Hills. I also did a make-up tutorial at The Dubai Mall and standing in the middle of the largest mall in the world, teaching my techniques, was a great achievement thing for me! 

  • I’ve always had an image in my head of who I want to become, so I guess my ambition and never giving up is a key part of my current success. I never think of what I’m proud of in my work, because that slows you down. Whenever I achieve something I say ‘thank God’ and keep working. I’m always hungry for more. 

  • Receiving messages from women all over the world on how my tutorials helped them with achieve a better look in hair or make-up, is amazing. Knowing that I’ve inspired them is the most rewarding element of my work, and I’m inspired by them to do more. 

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