Elissa banned in Egypt?

Millions call for Elissa’s ban in Egypt
Monday , 05 September 2011
Elissa banned in Egypt?
© Elissa

A group of Egyptians have created a call on the social networking sit, Facebook, to ban Lebanese singer, Elissa from entering Egypt.

It has been alleged that Elissa had insulted the Egyptian January 25 Revolution group, which overthrew the government of ousted President Husni Mubarak, in recent public statements. It was added that people are willing to take drastic measures if Elissa enters Egypt.

In a public statement made by Elissa in June, she said that she felt that Egypt had come to a standstill after the revolution and that life was nothing like it used to be. Unfortunately for Elissa many have interpreted her comments as an insult to the revolution and subsequent campaigns to ban the singer were launched.