Elie Khoury & Nina Zoric

The couple that has successfully turned work into play
Sunday , 20 March 2016
Elie Khoury & Nina Zoric
Elie Khoury and Nina Zoric
• Being in the food and beverage business the past 23 years has provided us with the skills and experience needed for our latest business venture. Last year we launched Play, a restaurant lounge at H Hotel. The cuisine at Play would be best described as ‘Mediterrasian’, a blend of Asian (mostly Japanese) and Mediterranean flavours, and the ambience it exudes is something we’re very proud of. 
• We love travelling, and the past year took us to a number of destinations such as London, Paris and New York. We’ve learned something new with every trip, and hope to continue doing so for many years to come. Play represents a combination of all our travels and wonderful memories.
• Life has taught us a number of things, but the two most important pieces of advice would be to be a good listener and take care of your health. We’ve also learnt to make sure we know the people we’re surrounded by, as not every smile translates into friendship.
• We never count the hours we work, we give our business whatever amount of time it needs. When we’re off, however, the things we enjoy doing most would have to be barbecuing, socialising and spending time with our two beautiful children.
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