Elgydium Teeth Whitening

The one with the brush ‘n’ paste
Sunday , 17 April 2011
Elgydium Teeth Whitening
TV personality Simon Cowell

Best for: Those that just want to top up their white teeth and also for those who want to go for something more natural.

Duration: Use as frequently as you'd like, but we suggest morning and night.

Sessions required: Again, as many as you like until you feel your teeth are as white as you'd like them to be.

Price: Dhs13.

Do it at: Carrefour.

We’ve all read about teeth whitening toothpastes, but do they actually work? Although my teeth aren’t of the icky, yellow variety, they’re not ‘Simon Cowell’ white either so I have used whitening toothpastes before. But I have to say, I’ve never seen much of a sparkling difference. I thought I’d tried most of them on the market until a dental expert recommended a French brand called Elgydium. The packaging is so non-descript that I wasn’t sold initially and would’ve overlooked it for something snazzier if it wasn’t for the dentist’s recommendation. But if you ever need proof that looks can be deceiving, this is it. Minty fresh and with a definite cool kick, the flavour screams ‘see-ya stains!’. Taste aside, it lathered up lovely, leaving my teeth feeling thoroughly cleansed. Maybe it was going to work after all? Admittedly, after using twice a day for a week I didn’t notice a difference straightaway. But then after 10 days of brushing with Elgydium only, a friend asked if I’d actually had my teeth whitened! It seems that the secret ingredient is sodium bicarbonate, which penetrates the enamel grooves on your teeth for a deep cleansing action. A month on, I can see an impressive difference in my tooth shade and I have to admit, I’m still using the paste now. It’s definitely put a smile on my face.

My verdict? Fantastic if you want to brighten things up on a budget or are too lazy or scared to go to the dentists.