Elena Kinane

04 Mar 2013
By Ahlanlive.com

Greenheart Organic Farms founder and Managing Director

With her passion for hands-on farming, the name of her new company sums up exactly what it is: green at heart. From seed to sale, you don’t get produce fresher than this.

You launched Greenheart in 2012. What’s the concept?
We grow genuine organic, certified produce and deliver it directly to our customers only hours after harvest, eliminating third-party traders. Every aspect of our operation aims to be in harmony with nature, from water conservation and environmentally-friendly packaging to recycling and energy efficiency.

What are your goals for 2013?
Opening our first retail outlet in March, working on our own seed range and launching our goats’ dairy with an exclusive product range.

What’s unique about Greenheart Organic Farms in the UAE?
We are responsible for every part of the process, from seed through to sale. We are not just a retailer, we’re expert growers.

What grows well out here?
If you know what you’re doing the list is endless. Contrary to popular belief, you can grow really great organic produce in the desert, provided you build your own soil and you have a good supply of high-quality water.

Does it really taste so different?
Absolutely. Because our produce is grown in soil enriched with organic matter, the plants are able to absorb the nutrients evenly over long periods of time. Our fresh produce is potent and full of flavour.

Is there a typical day?
No! One day we’ll be building a compost heap, the next planting out seedlings and the next we’re helping our goats give birth!

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