eL Seed

The artist using his intricate compositions to bring people, cultures and generations together
Thursday , 06 April 2017
eL Seed
eL Seed
  • My project Perception in the Cairo garbage collectors’ neighbourhood was my biggest achievement of 2016. The rewarding part of my work is connecting with human experiences and all the lives I can touch with what I do. The people I meet are actually the people who leave something in my life and I try to bring together people, culture and generations through my artwork.

  • On a typical day, I wake up before sunrise, I run, I eat and then I head to the studio 

  • from there, the day brings its own challenges. Most days I paint, but there are days when I may spend my whole day writing.

  • Sultan Sooud Al Qassimi, the columnist and art and architecture enthusiast, is a person who influences me and who I admire because I see him as my big brother. 

  • My top three recommendations for places to visit in the UAE are Sharjah Museum, Maraya Art Center and Alserkal Avenue.

  • If I could have done anything differently in the past year, I would have been less trusting of people! Always get to know someone before inviting them into your life. People’s intentions are not always clear.

  • This year, I plan to launch my book Perception and a documentary on my project in Cairo.  

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