Ed Sheeran just bought properties worth $59 million to stop his neighbours from complaining

That's Ed Sheeran for you, everybody.
ByJulianne TolentinoMonday , 22 July 2019
 Ed Sheeran just bought properties worth $59 million to stop his neighbours from complaining
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Even hitmaker Ed Sheeran deals with angry neighbours.

The Shape of You star who recently married his long-term girlfriend Cherry Seaborn seems to be making some interesting changes to his Suffolk property in the UK.

It all started when he apparently turned a wildlife pond, that sat in the middle of his four-property estate, into his own personalised swimming pool.

Though, all the blame can't be put on Sheeran as he recently called for Suffolk Coastal District Council to remove a condition that prevents his £500,000 pond from being used for recreational activities.

And he was granted permission just as long as he would maintain it as a natural habitat to attract wildlife.

But judging for his neighbours complaints, it seems like he didn't fulfill much of his promise. Sheeran's neighbours told Daily Mail that they're convinced the pop-star is using the pond for recreational purposes.

“The so-called wildlife pond would now appear to be more like a swimming pool, which is somewhat different from the application,” one neighbour said.

Sheeran must have been so fed up of the complaints, so he decided to, yup, you guessed it; buy his neighbouring properties.

The hitmaker now reportedly owns 22 properties, which have cost him an estimated $59 million apart from buying two houses next door to his $24.7 million mansion in his hometown of Suffolk, England.

The residents in his area even started naming his new mini-estate 'Sheeran-Ville' because he now owns so much property there.

He has a giant treehouse, a pod, a covered swimming pool, and a hot tub in the central garden to name a few. He even renovated his barn into his very own personal pub.

Ah, that's the life...

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