Joan Collins

Economising Collins

07 Jun 2011

Joan’s recession proof plans

Many moon years ago screen legend Joan Collins, all glamour and poise, walked into an unemployment benefit office in LA. She drove there in her gold Mercedes. Standing in queue with normal civilians she waited in turn to apply for a benefit cheque. She was 43 and already a Hollywood icon, yet she was out of work. Humiliated after her fall from grace she vowed never to return. Now aged 78, the Dynasty star has been hit again by the recession but this time she’s not waiting in a line, instead she’s selling her home – don’t feel too sympathetic though she does have three more. Also ensuring she stays recession proof Joanie has announced she’s launching a fashion line for older women – "I design a lot of my own clothes so I think I have some very good ideas.” We predict pearls, diamonds and of course mega-shoulder pad designs. Come on the 80s!

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