Ecclestone Sisters At War!

Tamara and Petra haven’t spoken since the wedding...
Wednesday , 19 October 2011
Ecclestone Sisters At War!
Tamara and Petra Ecclestone

Tamara and Petra Ecclestone have already managed to trump the spending power of socialites Paris and Nicky Hilton, but if you thought their new found fame would mean they would team up to become the new power sisters, then think again!

According to my well placed source, the Ecclestone sisters have fallen out and have hardly uttered a word to each other since Petra tied-the-knot in a lavish ceremony in Italy two months ago.

My source tells me, the sisters have fallen out over Petra’s obsession with becoming a reality TV star and world domination of the lucrative socialite / brand phenomenon.

My source says, “Petra wants to be the new Kim Kardashian. She’s intent on being the sister that makes a name for herself as a daddy’s girl, fashion designer and trumping Tamara in the process. She’s really focused on becoming bigger than Paris Hilton and Kim K put together.”

Meanwhile, Tamara is also going all out to brand herself as a fashion designer, model and reality TV star. But, she’s intent on staying in the UK and doesn’t really want to branch out in the States like Petra.

My source adds, “It’s all out war. The pair of them have hardly spoken since Petra’s wedding. Tamara is a bit put out by the amount of work Petra is doing and the networking she’s doing in the States.”

“Yes, Tamara wants to succeed and feels Petra is always trying to trump her. This is sibling rivalry at its best. Tamara loves living in the UK, spending time working on her projects and with Omar.”

Rumours have been rife that Tamara will soon announce her engagement to stockbroker boyfriend Omar Khyami, who has offered to sign a pre-nuptial agreement to prove his love for the billionairess.

My source adds, “Tamara has just finished filming her reality TV show Billion dollar girl and her focus for the future is to concentrate on her private life. She is thinking of tieing-the-knot next summer.”

Expect the wedding to be bigger and better than Petra’s, guys!