MJ Perfume

Eau De Wacko Jacko

24 Jan 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

Jackson’s Tribute? Even the name stinks!

Why? If the stench of ‘what has been’, combined with a hint of freakish psychosis, and finishing notes of surplus medicine sounds like your ideal scent, then you’re in luck as Joe Jackson, father of the late Michael Jackson, is still desperately trying to cash in on his superstar son by launching a perfume honouring the legend. Joe has teamed up with a French perfume company, Julian Rouas Paris, to create a male and female fragrance called Jackson’s Tribute – even the name stinks! The Eau de Jacko is due for release on March 7. Whatever next? Lindsay Lohan: The Scent of Desperation, or Charlie Sheen: Cologne de Alchie?