Eating healthy in the UAE has become easier with Fuel-Up by KCal

Eating healthy in the UAE has become easier with Fuel-Up by KCal

28 Aug 2017

Can't be bothered to prepare meals? Fuel-Up by KCal has a variety of food delivery options to simplify your dieting needs

Some people find pleasure in finding healthy recipes, preparing meals and sticking to their own diet plan. Personally, I don’t, so I was beyond relieved when KCal asked me to try its Fuel-Up delivery programme. Because after a long day at the office, and a rigorous training session, the last thing I want to think about when I get home is meal prep and cooking.

We’ve all enjoyed KCal’s regular meals, but after working up a sweat in the gym, I often don’t find the meals very filling. That’s where Fuel Up comes in. Fuel-Up By Kcal is a meal prep company that caters for serious fitness and health enthusiasts and athletes, and also for regular people like me who just need a bit of professional assistance. It allows you to build your meals according to your specific macros. There are no monthly subscriptions, so you can simply build your meals online according to your goals and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

Eating healthy in the UAE has become easier with Fuel-Up by KCal

I met with a private nutritionist, who measured my initial weight, body fat and muscle mass, and discussed my fitness goals. From there the nutritionist assisted me in designing a suitable diet plan on the Fuel-Up by KCal website, focusing on foods that I like, and avoiding foods that I dislike (au revoir, salmon!). Each meal comes with a detailed nutritional breakdown and calorie count, so you know exactly what you’re eating. The meals contain no additives, no added sodium, no processed sugars, no refined ingredients and no preservatives. Plus they only use gluten-free ingredients. It doesn’t get cleaner than that.

Best of all, besides the convenience, is that the food is delicious. From a tasty steak with mixed vegetables and cauliflower mash to turkey meatballs with brown rice, you never feel like you’re on an actual diet plan. ‘Healthy’ need not mean ‘bland’. You can even spice up your meals with Kcal’s selection of homemade low-calorie healthy sauces. My favourite meals were by far the breakfast selection.

I have never been a ‘breakfast person’, but thanks to Fuel-Up by Kcal I started waking up excited to scoff healthy brekkies like protein oats with berries, protein waffles and cottage cheese pancakes. 

Tasty, healthy AND convenient? Sold!

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