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How to Eat Healthy This Ramadan

25 Jun 2014

Many compensate for a long day of fasting with an all-out iftar feast, which can have a serious impact on their health. Be kind to yourself and follow these tips for a happy, healthy Ramadan

It’s fasting, not feasting
Excessive amounts of food after a long day of fasting will burden your system and cause indigestion. Consuming a massive volume of food can also lead to regurgitation and heartburn. Avoid the temptation to overindulge and eat light instead. 

Eat fresh 
Make sure you have a bowl of salad before you start your meal and incorporate fruit as a snack. This will ensure you get your required daily quota of vitamins and minerals. 

Don’t go overboard
High calorific intake coupled with inactivity can put you at high risk of gaining weight. Deep-fried foods are high sources of saturated fat and calories. It’s far better to grill or bake with small amounts of fat and try to do a little light exercise each day. 

Sugary food and drinks in moderation 
Sweets and juices are concentrated sources of empty calories that will contribute to your weight gain. Hydrate yourself with water and opt for dried fruits, fruit popsicles and dark chocolate squares to sate a sweet tooth. 

Be a water baby
Hunger makes us overfill our stomachs with food, leaving no space for fluids. Try to break your fast with water first and keep drinking small amounts frequently. Try to drink six to eight cups of water over the course of each night. 

Pass on the salt 
This can increase your body’s need for hydration and if you don’t compensate with enough water, your risk of dehydration will be higher. Add spices and herbs to your food instead. 

Don’t miss suhour
Suhour is an important meal that provides you with energy and hydration for the next fasting day. Try to make your carbohydrates complex and increase your fibre to allow for slow energy release. Also add proteins to your meal to help curb hunger.

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