Easy Peasy Pizza

Samantha Wood chats with award-winning food editor, cookbook author and blogger Dianne Jacobs about cooking at home and how anyone can make amazing pizza to share
Monday , 21 January 2013
Easy Peasy Pizza

What do you cook at home? What are your comfort foods?
I make cauliflower curry, frittatas, stir-fries, fresh salads with goat’s cheese, nuts and
fruit. A salad of tomatoes, raw kale, pomegranate seeds [when in season] and apples, with a dressing of honey and pomegranate.

Do you cook at home a lot?
I do. I work from home as does my husband. At lunchtime, we’ll eat something I’ve already made that’s in the fridge. Dependent on my schedule I sometimes even cook. We like to be home with whatever I make. My husband helps me in the kitchen with the preparation and washes up!

Your book will write for food is my bible. You also co-wrote grilled pizzas and piadinas. Are you planning any more books?
I am working with some authors. I am not a professional chef, just a home cook and would like to partner with people who cook for a living and help them get cookbooks out.

What's the secret to making food pizza at home?
Not handling the dough too much. Make a base of olive oil, dried spices – thyme, basil, oregano – and chopped garlic. Brush it on the dough and it really takes the flavour level up. In the book, we talk about how we make pizza on a stove top, in the oven, on a grill, even in a George Foreman grill – we’ve tested it on everything!

I love the taste of grilled pizza. Ever since I learnt how to do that, it’s hard to make pizza in the oven. The problem is that home ovens don’t get hot enough to have super crispy and charcoal burnt spots that taste so good, and you can get that on the grill. Takes a few minutes – grill one side then turn it over put the topping on and grill that side.

On that note, Dianne has kindly shared Chef Craig Priebe’s recipes from their book Grilled Pizzas and Piadinas for a Margheritan pizza, including a homemade chunky tomato basil sauce, and fusion Arctic Hawaiian, plus instructions for grilling anywhere!

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