Dynasty Remake

01 Feb 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

The shoulder pads, the cat fights and the secret romances return

From 1981 to 1989 Dynasty was a prime time US soap opera that captured the hearts of many a fashion devotee and drama addict. The series, produced by Aaron Spelling, was nominated every year for a Golden Globe and eventually won in 1984. And now determined to profit once again from their former success, the original producers CBS are reviving the series with a long anticipated remake.

The plans are to turn the show into a popular film franchise, offering a modern spin on the show’s famously ludicrous plots that centred around the oil-rich Carrington family, their secret trysts and riveting cat fights. A source revealed, “It’s the biggest comeback ever. The wardrobe will be Mad Men meets The Kennedy’s while the drama will be more addictive than Desperate Housewives and Gossip Girl combined.”

While it’s certain the Dynasty comeback will be amazing, the question is who’ll step into the roles of the 1980s legends? Here are our predictions…

Who:Jeff Colby

Character: Suave and handsome, Jeff has an ongoing on-off affair with Fallon and later helps Blake reclaim his business.
Ahlan!’s Ideal Replacement: James Franco. With those mysterious eyes and James Dean looks, he can woo any woman.

Who:Fallon Carrington

Character: The second child of Alexis and Blake is one hell of a promiscuous lady.
Ahlan!’s Ideal Replacement: Scarlett Johnasson. Why not let art imitate life?

Alexis Colby

Character: Vindictive and cunning, Alexis was the show’s most popular character thanks to her love of a good cat fight and a passion for revenge. She also had a penchant for rich men.
Ahlan!’s Ideal Replacement: Joan Collins has said she wants Gemma Arterton to reprise her role; “She has all the qualities… She’s sexy. She looks clever and she’s kind of vixenous.”

Who:Sammy Jo

Character: Krystle’s niece knows how to take advantage of others, and does so with magnificently wicked results.
Ahlan!’s Ideal Replacement: Amanda Seyfried – her character in Chloe was sooo Sammy Jo.

Blake Carrington

Character: The self-made millionaire is ruthless in both business and family – constantly at war with ex-wife Alexis while abusing current wife, Krystle. He even killed his son’s lover!
Ahlan!’s Ideal Replacement: Brad Pitt. He’s good at playing the handsome bad boy we can’t bring ourselves to hate.

Who:Steven Carrington

Character: Disowned by his father Blake due to his sexuality.
Ahlan!’s Ideal Replacement: Famous recluse Macaulay Culkin.

Adam Carrington

Character: Blake and Alexis’ kidnapped son eventually returns only to be rejected by Blake! A revengeful array of shock events ensues.
Ahlan!’s Ideal Replacement: Shia LaBoeuf. The brooding actor does enigmatic and furtive to perfection.

Who:Claudia Carrington

Character: This bad girl has an affair and commits suicide, yet in fine soap opera form, she comes back to life!
Ahlan!’s Ideal Replacement: Hollywood bad girl, LiLo.

Who:Krystle Jennings

Character: Krystle is Blake’s dutiful wife. Their relationship is tainted from the start as Blake uses abuse to get his own way. The oil baron also accuses his wife of having affairs, even feigning blindness in an attempt to catch her out.
Ahlan!’s Ideal Replacement: Diane Kruger for her demure demeanour and model looks.