A new DXB fitness studio promises no workout is ever the same

20 Jun 2019

XFit brings together lifting, boxing and high-intensity conditioning

Ooh, what have we here? A brand-new fitness studio called XFit has popped in in Dubai's Fitness First Town Centre, and it promises specialised classes ensuring no workout is ever the same. 

The studio brings together three unique concepts including lifting, boxing and high-intensity conditioning. XFit members can choose from over 10 specialist classes including X60, BOXX, Smash and Lift, that are proven to improve your cardio and overall agility to ensure you get fit, fast and lean. Each class is also designed to create physical change, improve movement skills and build confidence. Sounds good to us. 

Even better, XFit tailors weekly programmes to maximise large muscle groups, and caters to everyone from beginners to seasoned athletes and fitness fanatics whilst providing a supportive fitness community. 

And with classes offered at various times throughout the day, members can sweat it out before or after work, during lunch or even over the weekend.

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