DXB craziness over Eid holiday

DXB craziness over Eid holiday

22 Jun 2017

Dubai Airport prepares to welcome 1.9 million passengers during Eid

Dubai International Airport (DXB) is preparing for the Eid holiday rush with the busiest day set to be June 30th with over 262,000 passengers departing, arriving and connecting through the airport! Tomorrow will be the busiest day for departures with more than 76,000 passengers flying out of DXB. This year the Eid holiday coincides with schools breaking up for summer, so expect chaos if you are travelling through the airport this weekend.

Dubai airports, with the help of airlines and other partners at DXB are taking a number of steps to ensure service is not affected by the large volume of passengers. They will increase the staff levels and employ a passenger flow monitoring technology so they can add additional staff to the busiest areas of the airport. The immigration process will also be quicker thanks to the new smart gate service which only takes 10-15 seconds. This means less queuing, yay!

Over the peak summer period, their will also be live performances throughout the airport. And with the free high speed Wi-Fi over Eid, a busy airport won’t mean slower Wi-Fi. Make sure you arrive early if you are travelling out of DXB this weekend as it will be a busy one!

Safe travels and enjoy the Eid weekend!