Dust Storms Hit Dubai and Sharjah, Expect More Stormy Weather

Dust Storms Hit Dubai and Sharjah, Expect More Stormy Weather

10 Sep 2013

The weather is changing and making sure we all take notice! Strong dusty winds cover the Dubai and Sharjah skylines

Meteorologists warned against the dusty winds that prevailed in Dubai and parts of Sharjah yesterday (9 September) and are likely to continue today (10 September). The brunt of it happened yesterday with massive convective clouds covering the skies, quickly reducing vision due to the dust the winds picked up along the way.

The strong winds reduced visibility up to 100 metres on Emirates Road and across the city. Drivers were warned to be extra careful due to this. There was even some rainfall reported in towns of Al Ain and a part of Dubai; light rain is expected today in the areas of Hatta, Al Ain and the south of Fujairah. 

We are at a season where we can expect gusty winds to blow dust and sand due to the formation of convective clouds coming from eastern and southern part of the country” said a weather forecaster from the National Center of Meteorology and Seismology

Make sure to be careful in this unpredictable weather by taking the necessary precautions such as turning your hazard lights on and driving at moderate speed to avoid any accidents.