Dukkan Media

Reem, OT and Akkaoui deliver a sonic cultural experience through their podcast, The Dukkan Show
Monday , 25 November 2019
Dukkan Media

•Over the past year Dukkan Media has become the leading marketing and cultural consultancy in the region. We built our own podcasting studios for our shows and others.

•We’re changing the global narrative, fighting negative stereotypes, and carving a space in the media for Arabs like us. We are modern-day, progressive, worldly, multilingual, third culture-kid Arabs. We are the Neo Bedouins.

•The UAE has been a warm and welcoming home for people like us, the Neo Bedouins. It’s where we found our tribe, carved out our space, and built our businesses. Unlike any other part of the world, it magnifies everything. If you are ambitious, creative, have plans, want to change the world, or whatever it is you hope to achieve, the UAE will magnify that and have its way of feeding that ambition.

•We’ve made it a point to stop using single-use plastic in our office. Everyone is required to bring in reusable water bottles. We also recycle our trash and since we work in the content space and purchase high tech equipment, we made it a point to recycle e-waste.

•We need to involve the youth in the conversations about sustainability, and find ways to make sustainability convenient, as it is the larger barrier to entry for the average person.

•We’re looking forward to our business expansion in the region, and we’re planning on setting up offices in other parts of the Middle East.