Duchess Kate and Princess Beatrice Branded Lazy

The Royals have been blasted for taking too much time off work
ByJJ AnisiobiWednesday , 15 April 2015
Duchess Kate and Princess Beatrice Branded Lazy

Our beloved and favourite British royal, Kate Middleton, is just days away from giving birth to her second child, and yet this special time has been marred by mean comments made by some of her future subjects. As the Duchess of Cambridge gears up to welcome another heir to the fold, some corners of the public have reacted badly to her plan to take extended maternity leave. Meanwhile, as K-Midd tries to ignore the haters and concentrate on the more important matters at hand, her cousin-in-law Princess Beatrice has quite rightly been labelled a lazy so-and-so for taking loads of holidays.

K-Midd Needs More Time to Recover
Brave Kate, 33, has not had an easy pregnancy. The beautiful brunette suffered extreme morning sickness and had to change her diet in order to cope with the symptoms. After experiencing almost identical problems while expecting her firstborn, George, it makes sense that the future Queen of England would know better than anyone else how long she needs to recover. A source told People magazine: “She felt she came back too soon last time. She wants to have that [family] and enjoy it with George and the new baby.” Prince William won’t be able to spend much time at home with his new bundle of joy because of his new job with the Royal Air Force taking up much of his time, so the parenting duties will fall almost solely on Kate. She will undoubtedly have help from her mother, Carole, but looking after two kids is still a tough task, especially with Kate’s poor state of health.

Kate Attacked by Trolls
Nevertheless, the Duchess’ plan has experienced a backlash, with the public making their opinions very clear online. “What is she taking leave from? She doesn’t work and her time devoted to her five or six charities are a few and far between [sic],” said one angry commentator. Another wrote: “It won’t make a speck of difference if Kate has an extra-long leave. She has no impact on anything that goes on in the world since she barely ever makes the effort anyway. I doubt anyone will notice she’s gone.” But one person K-Midd can rely on for support is her father-in-law, Prince Charles. “The couple are concentrating on family with the full blessing – indeed, encouragement – of dad, Prince Charles,” a source said. “He wants them to have as normal a life as possible.” 

Beatrice is a Holiday Addict
It’s been a difficult week for younger members of the Royal Family, with Kate being unfairly blasted for what we at Ahlan! see as perfectly good and deserved time off. But Princess Beatrice is someone we can’t defend so easily as reports emerged of the 26-year-old taking no fewer than 11 holidays in the space of six months! Beatrice, who’s officially the sixth in line to the UK throne, is, according to her father, the Duke of York, an extremely hard-working daughter who’s busy doing charity work and forging a career. Prince Andrew’s website states that Beatrice’s time has been filled by setting up socially beneficial initiatives and that she apparently “works full-time in business”. We’re just not sure what employer would allow her to take so many breaks.

Vacations but No Vocation
In January, Beatrice quit her most recent role as an intern for Sony after 12 months in the position, so it’s unclear how she’s able to afford so many holidays. Her nomadic lifestyle hasn’t gone unnoticed and again, like Kate, the public have spoken in their droves. “What a life, she’s out of touch with reality”, barked one commentator, as another wrote: “Why does the public purse pay for the likes of these sponging freebie royals? She brings nothing to the table.” A supporter of the royals added: “I think the Queen may be having a quiet word in this young lady’s ear quite soon, she’s doing the Royal Family no end of harm. I don’t begrudge a penny on the senior royals, they earn their crust, but the younger members need to understand they can’t appear to swan around the world taking numerous holidays being protected by officers you and I have to pay for.”

Beatrice is Fleeing the UK
It seems that all that criticism has pushed Beatrice to the edge, and rumour has it she wants to move to America, where her sister Princess Eugenie and mother Sarah Ferguson live. After completing a finance course at university in San Francisco and working for free at London investment firm Cabot Square Capital, Bea’s said to be keen to progress in the industry and confident she’ll find a position. A close friend of the princess told the Mail on Sunday: “She’s had a number of interviews for a similar role in finance in New York to the one she had before. She’s open-minded about where she works and is looking to potentially move overseas.”

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