Renting in Dubai and Abu Dhabi: Dubizzle Offers Legal Advice

Renting in Dubai and Abu Dhabi: Dubizzle Offers Legal Advice

24 Jun 2014

Classifieds website enlists property lawyer to help tenants

Dubizzle has launched a new facility that lets the public to have their questions on property answered by a lawyer specialising in the subject.

The classified service's new subsite,, is intended to be a hub for people who are unclear of how the law affects them in rental or sale disputes.

“Individuals do have rights in this market,” said Barry Judge, UAE general manager for Dubizzle. “Perhaps, sometimes there’s not enough transparency over what those rights are. This service ensures that individuals have full visibility and that there is equity in the marketplace.

“It’s the consolidation of all that information into a single platform that will make it easier for people if they come to a dispute.”

Dubizzle receives 14 million site visits a month in the UAE, 2.7 million of which are linked to property.

The new pages will pose a different question each week to address the most common queries regarding the property markets of both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Legal counsel will be given by Ahmed Odeh from property company MIO. He said the firm received dozens of requests for advice from tenants unclear of their rights.

“This service will likely reduce the burden on the call centre for RERA, and by ensuring that cases are resolved before going to the rental committee, lower the burden on the courts too,” he said.

“The information is out there, but people don’t know where to look for it. With this tool, it will all be in one place.”

RERA launched a rent dispute settlement centre in November with the aim of processing cases in 30 days or fewer.

Mr Odeh said it wasn’t always the case that disputes were resolved so quickly, but the centre was certainly an improvement on the previous rent committee.

“It’s definitely quicker than it used to be,” he said. “The judges are more qualified and the cases get heard sooner.”