Dubai's Torch Tower On Fire

Dubai's Torch Tower On Fire

21 Feb 2015

79-floor building catches ablaze in Dubai Marina

We’re all very relieved to hear that the fire that started at the Torch tower in Dubai Marina was brought under control early this morning with – so far – no fatalities reported.

The blaze, at the 1,105ft-tall 79-floor residential building, is believed to have started on the 50th floor in the early hours of this morning. Police immediately blocked off areas around the building and multiple fire trucks and ambulances were on the scene in minutes. Residents in nearby buildings were also evacuated, while others watched on as masonry and glass fell from the building.

“We were woken up by our fire alarms at 3am,” said Princess Tower resident Chris Jones. “We stepped out onto the balcony overlooking the Torch, and saw at least 15 floors ablaze at that point. With the wind blowing so hard we assumed there’d be a risk of the fire being blown to other buildings, and we didn’t want to take any chances, so we walked 67 floors down.

“From our reception area, you could clearly see molten metal and glass everywhere outside, and it continued to fall down too.”

The fire was brought under control at 5am this morning, with no fatalities reported as yet. Residents of the building have not been allowed back in until fire officials give their full approval after a series of inspections.