Dubai's Quranic Park is on Time Magazine's latest list

Which is not surprising at all, tbh
ByAlmas HashmiMonday , 26 August 2019
Dubai's Quranic Park is on Time Magazine's latest list
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Time Magazine’s list of ‘World’s Greatest Places 2019’ has come out and naturally, Dubai has a spot on it too.

The 100 places on the list have been divided into three categories – to visit, to stay, and to eat and drink.

Dubai’s Quranic Park is under the “to visit” category, along with a number of other places such as Mori Building Digital Art Museum in Tokyo, Zakouma National Park in Chad, and The Shed in New York City.

According to Time Magazine, many factors play a part in deciding a whole list of top places. But the most important of them all is something travellers need to experience, “the sense that one has stumbled upon the extraordinary.”

Located in Al Khawaneej, Dubai’s Quranic Park is a beautiful cultural attraction, offering brilliant insight into several areas of the Holy Quran. So it’s not only pretty, but also quite educational? Definite win!

Home to lots of flourishing flora, the two main attractions at the Park are the Cave of Miracles, and the Glass House.

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As Time Magazine’s writer, Hillary Leung said, “The Park’s aim, per the city’s municipal government, is to bridge cultures and promote tolerance by offering visitors exposure to Islam in a family-friendly space.”

While entry to the park is free, visitors need to pay Dhs5 to enter the Cave of Miracles and the Glass House.

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