Dubai's Newest Detox

UAE-based Detox Delight's new Liver Flush Shots will help kickstart your detox
ByNaomi ChaddertonMonday , 01 December 2014
Dubai's Newest Detox

If you’re planning to prime your liver before the festive season kicks in, it’s time to give UAE-based Detox Delight a call. Its newest offerings are Liver Flush Shots – creamy shots of orange, lemon, fresh garlic and olive oil which are the perfect accompaniment to your Detox Delight juice diets. These gems of raw vegan goodness help repair the damage done to your liver through sugar, greasy food and man-made chemicals to help give you that much-needed health boost.

INFO: Dhs240 for a five-day treatment when ordered with a Detox Delight plan. 04 338 3565,,

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