Dubai's new Riviera everyone is talking about!

Dubai's new Riviera everyone is talking about!

12 Jul 2017

South of France-style Riviera planned for the emirate

Dubai is getting its very own riviera! Who needs a trip to Italy, eh?

Earlier this year the Meydan One project revealed plans for a mega-mall (yes please!) and a huge residential development. One Mall will have 600 different retail outlets, a 1km long indoor ski slope (making it the largest in the world, sorry Ski Dubai!) as well as a variety of indoor and outdoor sporting facilities. And then there’s the residential development, featuring a 711-metre-tall tower, a 4km canal, a marina, dancing water features and a 9km boardwalk to name a few.

Dubai riviera will be here by 2019

And the newest addition to the Meydan One Project? A Riviera, of course! The developers of the project Azizi claim it is being built to emulate the French Riviera, and will “bring the best of French Mediterranean contemporary living to Dubai to create a lasting sense of community”. The project is due to be finished by December 2018, and will be the home for 13,000 residential units, a four and five-star hotel as well as a large retail district.

Our plans for 2019? Lovely evening strolls along the new and beautiful Riviera whilst deciding what to eat. We like to forward plan, okay?