Dubai's First Haunted Hotel is Opening This Month!

World's largest indoor theme park in Dubai, IMG Worlds of Adventure, is set to launch the creepy attraction soon
BySurena ChandeSunday , 14 August 2016
Dubai's First Haunted Hotel is Opening This Month!
Enter, if you dare...

Dubai dwellers are in for a terrifying treat, with the opening of The Haunted Hotel, a haunted house that won’t have you rushing back any time soon!

Opening on Mon 15 Aug inside IMG Worlds of Adventure, the hotel isn’t quite a ‘hotel’ as guests can’t stay the night there, which sounds like a good thing considering the frightful experiences in-store.

Brave guests are ‘welcomed’ with a sordid stench, followed by the sounds of hair-raising screams and plenty of other frightful encounters.

“We are thrilled to be launching The Haunted Hotel, which will offer our guests a spine-tingling time, leaving lasting memories which they will hope to forget,” says Lennard Otto, Chief Executive Officer of IMG Worlds of Adventure.

He also explains, “As the guest experience is our number one priority for IMG Worlds of Adventure, we strongly advise you will be entering The Haunted Hotel at your own risk.” 

Far from the lavish settings of UAE staycations, but a must-try for a fun outing (if you’re 15 or older), this is set to be spook-tacular!

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