Dubai World Cup hair and make-up tips

21 Mar 2010

Top stylists from Pantene and MAC give us their top hair and make-up tips

Pantene – Sam McKnight, Global Hair Ambassador for Pantene

"We’re unravelling the up-do. It’s a casual, feminine way of dressing up hair that’s both grown-up and girly at the same time,” explains Sam McKnight, Global Hair Ambassador with Pantene. This highlights two contrasting factors: that an ‘up-do’ automatically looks sophisticated, but with Sam’s signature ‘undone’ details such as loose tendrils, an older style can appear youthful. The look appears effortless at a glance but reveals elaborate detail close-up. “For maximum elegance, placement of the bun is critical,” says Sam, when it is placed on the nape of the neck it adds a certain elegance, and also acts to secure your hat.

Getting the look...

1. Add a walnut size amount of Pantene Oil Replacement Treatment in Classic Care to clean damp hair and work it through the hair. This will add texture and grip to hair, and will prevent the bun from loosening.

2. Next, divide the hair into sections and, using the diffuser setting of your hairdryer, lightly dry hair, scrunching it as you go.

3. Sweep hair back to the nape of the neck, twisting it into a low, loose bun. Secure with hair grips.

4. Pull down a few strands of hair at the back for a more relaxed look.

5. Finish with a little hairspray and your favourite hat.

Max Factor – Samira Olfat, Max Factor Make-up Artist

Make-up for this year’s Dubai World Cup should be fresh and elegant, but without too much hassle. Strong lips are still a key trend, and will be for some time. The look also works particularly well if you are wearing a hat. To keep the look fresh, keep the eyes simple yet dramatic with a little eyeliner and lot of mascara.

Use a light foundation, like Max Factor Second Skin, as anything too heavy will be uncomfortable after a long day in the sun.

Next apply a light coat of Max Factor Masterpiece Colour Precision Eyeshadow in Pearl Beige to the inner corners of the eye.

With a steady hand, apply a narrow line of eyeliner along the lash line. Once you come to the end of the lash line, flick the eyeliner upwards slightly. Complete the eyes with a few layers of Max Factor False Lash Mascara.

Using a lip brush for precision, apply Max Factor Colour Collections Lipstick in Intensely Red to complete the look.

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