Dubai: Where tourists splash the most cash

Dubai: Where tourists splash the most cash

08 Oct 2017

The city ranks number one in the world!

The 2017 Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index pinpoints where international travellers go and how they spend when visiting new cities, ranking the top 132 destination cities in terms of money, money, money.

We all know tourists love Dubai, it's a perfect blend of East meets West, offering both cultural and modern experiences for today's travellers.

Now, there's proof! Dubai has been ranked the number one city where tourists spend the most money by the Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index. Toursits spent an insane amount of USD28.5BILLION (yes, with a B) in Dubai last year alone! That's Dhs104billion. Woah!

New York came second as tourists spent a total of USD17.02 billion, Dhs62.4billion, almost half as less as in Dubai. Rounding up the top three was London where visitors splurged USD16.09 billion, Dhs58.7billion in 2016.

Here's an infographic by Forbes showing the top 10 cities:

Dubai: Where tourists splash the most cash