Dubai Weather: Will it Rain This Weekend?

Dubai Weather: Will it Rain This Weekend?

27 Mar 2014

Find out the Dubai weather forecast for Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Dubai was lashed by rain on Wednesday (26 March) but expect the weather in Dubai today (Thursday 27 March) to be calmer. The sun was out this morning, though it was still cool, and the National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology has predicted an improvement in the weather with only light rain forecast for Thursday. Some areas of the UAE (northern and eastern regions) might see scattered rainfall over the weekend.  

The rain in Dubai, which started on 25 March and continued through to 26 March, led to waterlogging and waterpooling on the streets in several parts of the emirate. It's been reported that the Dubai Police received over 5,000 calls and recorded over 700 accidents during the unstable weather. Global Village was even closed because of it. 

Police have asked motorists to remain cautious and inform them if they observe water pooling. 

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