Dubai visitor makes global headlines for his act of kindness

This man's sweet gesture certainly hasn't gone unnoticed
ByShreya BhatiaSunday , 23 August 2015
Dubai visitor makes global headlines for his act of kindness
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Liam and Shakiha enjoy the roller coaster

Liam Murphy, an Irish man visiting the UAE for a business trip, made world headlines after he took his taxi driver to the Ferrari World theme park in Abu Dhabi. He decided to take Shakiha, his taxi driver, along with him after leatrning that he had never been on a roller coaster before. Aw!

During the two-hour cab drive to the theme park, Liam discovered that Shakiha had moved to the UAE from India 14 years ago and had never been to Ferrari World, because he could not afford the ticket.

When they got to the theme park, instead of leaving his driver outside for four hours, he offered to pay for his ticket so that he could join him for the day. The two toured the park and went on the fastest roller coaster in the world. Liam said: “His first ever roller coaster was on the fastest in the world. Shakiha will sleep well tonight.”

Although Shakiha felt a little unwell after the ride, according to reports, the two enjoyed their trip. Liam Murphy wrote about the special day in a Facebook post: “Today I made his dreams come true for a laugh . . .”

But Liam remains humble about the whole ordeal: “To have the story in Australia was as far away from my home as it could have gone. A story like this shouldn’t be world news. It just felt like the right thing to do,” he said. 

Liam's gesture had even been noticed by Ferrari World, who have since given him a lifetime pass to the theme park. Jesse Vargas, general manager at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, said: “We were very touched by the story and we wanted to recognise this great act of kindness. At Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, we always try to find ways to express our appreciation for such genuinely compassionate people and organisations.”

What a happy story to start off the week! 

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