Dubai to be the Home of the Largest Indoor Theme Park

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ByDeepa NarwaniWednesday , 14 December 2016
Dubai to be the Home of the Largest Indoor Theme Park

IMG Worlds of Adventures recently announced that they will be opening a second indoor theme park right beside the first one.

According to reports, it will be called IMG Worlds of Legends and it is set to be the world’s largest indoor theme park.

Reportedly, there will be nine zones covering over two million square ft, with 102,000 square ft of retail space and 104,000 square ft of food and beverage space.

Furthermore, the park is going to be open 365 days per year and will have a retractable roof so that visitors can make the most of the good weather in the cooler months.

The theme park will reportedly include water based attractions as well as rollercoasters and interactive rides. Zones include Legends of Arabia, Pokemon, Matel, Nickelodeon and Lost Valley, added the report.

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