Dubai To BAN Wild Animal Trade

It's about time!
ByMashal AbbasiSunday , 16 April 2017
Dubai To BAN Wild Animal Trade
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Ever seen a cheetah at JBR?

It's a well known fact that exotic animals are prone to being kept as pets here in Dubai. Tigers and lions, zeras and giraffes, all have homes in residencees in the city.

Now, according to Federal Law No. 22 of 2016, the Dubai Municipality announced today that the selling and buying predatory and dangerous animals and birds, including big wild cats such as lions, cheetahs, panthers, tigers and leopards, as well as hyenas, crocodiles, wild dogs, predatory reptiles, eagles and vultures, will be outlawed in Dubai from July, reports Emirates 247.

The ban aims to protect people from dangerous animals, said Zuhoor Al Sabbagh, Director of Public Health Services Department at Dubai Municipality. Under the new ruling, all predators should be registered at the Municipality, she noted.

The list also includes animal which aren't exceptioally dangerous, just not domesticatd. Examples include zebras, giraffes and weasels.

African wild asses, kiangs, rhinoceroses, bears, aardvarks, mongooses, pronghorns, as well as wild birds such as ostriches, eagles and vultures, gulls, penguins, cassowaries, and marsupials, xenarthrans, bats, snakes, lizards, scorpions, spiders, and others all feature on the ban list.

We're glad this ruling has been announced, it's cruel to take these animals away from their natural habitats!

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