Dubai taxis to get state-of-the-art smart meter systems

Dubai taxis to get state-of-the-art smart meter systems

26 Jul 2017

The devices cost a whopping Dhs69million!

Dubai, your taxis are about to get even smarter!

The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has started the installation of a smart meter system for taxis in Dubai. The city's entire fleet, consisting of 10,550 vehicles will be fitted with the new meters by the end of June 2018, reports Emirates 247.

The Public Transport Agency will have installed 7850 devices by the end of this year. The Agency has also linked 5010 taxicabs with the Dubai Geographic Addressing System (Makani) and has executed about 118 thousand booking requests through Makani during the first half of this year.

The new system will also allow the automated calculation of Toll Tariff (Salik) when passing under virtual toll gates without the cab driver having to manually do so. The system also contains updated maps of the Emirate, ensuring your taxi driver will never get lost and you'll get to your destination on time!

With the new system, taxi drivers will never have to think about turning the meter on, as the meter is linked with optical sensors to detect when a customer boards the taxi. The meter will also display the ‘Out of Service’ screen to allow for a 90-minute flexible break for drivers per shift. It will also display the ‘End of Shift’ screen to ensure taxi drivers will not be hailed within the last 45 minutes of their shifts in order to facilitate the handing over of the vehicle.

The move to install these smart taxi meters is in line with Dubai Government's goal to turn Dubai into a smart city, and a smart city it is becoming!