Why everyone should try Dubai's Super SUP Fit class

27 Mar 2019

Because working out can be fun

Yes, the weather is a tad gloomy, but we're here to remind you why Dubai is such a great place to live. Paddle board workouts. Not familiar? Allow us to explain: DRIFT Beach, located at the One&Only Royal Mirage, hosts HIIT classes in their beautiful pool every week on these boards.

It's a way to exercise and have fun at the same time (yes, it is possible), and it's only Dhs120 for the 40-minute class.

Think burpees, squats, mountain climbers and planking on a floating board (that's secured by ropes so you won't float away), all against the beautiufl ocean backdrop. It keeps Instagram happy, that's for sure. 

Super SUP Fit is every Wednesday and Saturday morning at 8am and 9am. Enjoy. 

Check supersupfit.com for more info.