Dubai is getting its own Hollywood Walk Of Fame

19 Mar 2019

And it's going to be bigger and better than America's version

Anything America can do, Dubai can do better, and bigger, apparently. Yep, local developer Emaar is planning to install 'Dubai Stars': a walk of fame shouting out celebs and influencers from all over the world in the fields of music, film, art, architecture, sports, and literature as well as social influencers.

And the best bit? We get to decide who will be featured. The project is kicking-off with a global social campaign asking people from all over the world to nominate their favourite celebrities and influencers for the first 400 stars to be set in stone. Very cool. 


Dubai Stars will have over 10,000 stellar plaques, about four times the number of stars than the Hollywood Walk, and will line them up along the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard ready for the launch date in October.

Ahmad Al Matrooshi, Managing Director of Emaar Properties, says, "With Dubai Stars we are further highlighting our commitment to making Dubai the best city in the world, and to promoting arts, culture and sports by saluting the stars, whose contributions continue to inspire the world.”

This is going to be epic.